Andy James: Guitar Academy - Nebular Lesson Pack

Andy James Guitar Academy NEW RELEASE - Nebular Lesson Pack


People have always asked me for lessons on how to play on drop tunings. In my mind it's just so you can play power chords with one finger instead of two, what could be simpler? Having said that the added benefits are way more, with being able to access other intervals in chords that might be a bit harder to do than if you were just in standard tuning. In this solo guitar performance I've called "Nebular" i've tried to incorporate a lot of ideas from things I've discovered that make this particular way of tuning interesting. There are rhythmic ideas, use of 3 octave tapping and using this tuning as a way of playing symmetrical arpeggios on the lower strings of the guitar. There are also other soloing techniques that would apply to normal concert pitch tuning as well, so there will still be real world applications for most of the techniques used when in drop tuning or not.

Contained in this 8-part lesson series is :

Nebular Performance HD Video : 01:35

Then Andy has split the track up into 8-parts and three different tempo examples for each part so you can learn it part by part, and also see + hear each part in the three speeds : slow, medium and up to speed!

Nebular Parts 1 - 8 120bpm (8 videos)

Nebular Parts 1 - 8 150bpm (8 videos)

Nebular Parts 1 - 8 180bpm (8 videos)

Comes with all audio MP3 examples and downloadable PDF + Guitar Pro files TAB.

Andy James Guitar Academy NEW RELEASE - Nebular Lesson Pack