Michael Nielsen: Friedman Guitars "The Red One"

I get to show you around the new red Friedman guitar! Mahogany body, Motor City P-90 pickups. It's an absolute beast!

01:12 cover of Govt Mule, "Brand New Angel"
Amps used: guitar signal split using Little Labs PCP, then into a Marshall 2555x (4x12) and a 60' "blackface" Bassman head (Friedman 1x12). Solo: Add a Klon Centaur in front

03:50 comparison of P-90, Single Coil & Humbucker sounds
Amps used: Friedman DS40 UAD plugin

05:07 a little tune I came up, I'm calling "The Red One"
Amps used: Egnater ie4 Preamp + VHT 2151 + 4x12, Friedman BE-100 UAD plugin


Friedman Guitars "The Red One"