Tony MacAlpine: back to work recording !

Tony MacAlpine
Hello my Friends,

I would like to say hello to all of you and wish you the best for the spring and summer.

In August and September I will be returning to the studio to work on my newest instrumental release that has long been in the making, but regrettably had to be delayed due to uncontrollable circumstances.

It has been a year since "Concrete Gardens" was been released, and in that time I have had much time to reflect on the very long journey that I have been on since my first album "Edge of Insanity." It is with love and respect that I thank you all for traveling with me on this adventure since the beginning!

I am thrilled to announce that I have been given the green light to return to performing live, and will do that starting on April 30th on tour in Europe withMichel Polnareff Officiel.

Thank you all very much for the positive thoughts, love and support.

The best and only the best to you all. Have a great musical summer! See you out there soon!!