Kiko Loureiro: STOLEN - Ibanez Guitars LACS KIKO guitar serial number LA0283

Kiko Loureiro


Hello everyone, unfortunately, I have bad news to share. While traveling to California last week for the Megadeth Bootcamp, my new Ibanez Guitars LACS KIKO guitar (serial number LA0283) was stolen from me. 

After arriving in Los Angeles, I was surprised to find that my bag was destroyed and completely empty when I received it from the international baggage claim conveyor belt. It was a large bag which was carrying my custom guitar in a hardcase and a Nord keyboard as well. Both were gone upon arrival. I was looking forward to making the Boot Camp the first official appearance of this guitar, to share for all in attendance, but unfortunately, this could not happen. I have filed a claim reporting the theft but have yet to get an explanation as to what happened, so I am now forced to take the matters into my own hands. 

Here are some pictures that I posted of the guitar when I first received it. If you have any info about the whereabouts of this guitar please send an email to me:
or Megadeth Management : +1 (310) 450-7132

Please share if you could to help spread the word!

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