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http://www.metalmethod.com/pedal-poin... - Download printable tab and Guitar Pro 6 files from this page. This lesson is from Speed Kills 1 by Michael Angelo Batio. It teaches a melodic sequence from MAB's album Planet Gemini. This was originally played on acoustic guitar but sounds great on electric.

This exercise demonstrates a pedal point. The term "pedal point" originated from the sound of an organ pedal repeating a single note. This technique is quite common in classical music, especially classical music featuring an organ. When performing the "pedal point" technique on guitar you simply repeat a single note while alternately playing a melody against it.

Watch Michael's fingering closely. It's a bit of a stretch to reach these notes, so proper fingering is important. Notice a slight change in fingering at the end of the phrase.

Pedal Point for Guitar by Michael Angelo Batio