Roy Marchbank: announces drum and bass powerhouses Atma Anur and Tony Franklin for the upcoming release

Roy Marchbank

Thank you Atma  Anur for comment on your website:

" Atma is recording drums for another epic Celtic-Fusion piece by Scottish guitarist/composer Roy Marchbank. Joining Roy and Atma is legendary Fretless Bass master Tony Franklin. The track, WELL OF HEADS, will be available quite soon. Video clips coming also!".

You can check out clips coming soon at Atma's website and youtube. I will also be up loading clips of new material myself to my own website and youtube.

Roy Marchbank
I'm happy to announce that Mr Tony Franklin is playing on my new e.p. He is currently recording bass on the title track "Well of Heads". 

Thanks to Atma Anur for introducing me & my music to Tony. Atma played with me on my last e.p. The Grand Design. It's a pleasure to work with them both now. 

Its amazing to think I saw Tony play with The Firm back in 1985 at The Edinburgh Playhouse & first heard Atma on Tony MacAlpine's album "Maximum Security" in 1987. It's been quite a journey for us all to end up at the same place now. "Well of Heads" will be available very soon! 

Slainte Roy.