Niko Tsonev, Craig Blundell: Moonparticle - Reverend Mum - real music from an amazing musician

“Hurricane Esmeralda is a hard hitting album that grows on you with each listen. Bursting
with the virtusosity of Prog and the sophistication of Jazz, it above all impresses with its
beautifully crafted songs that take you places...”

Moonparticle is the music collective put together in 2017 by virtuoso guitarist/producer

Niko Tsonev (ex-Steven Wilson, Lifesigns) featuring an extraordinary group of musi-
cians: Pianist Adam Holzman (Miles Davis, Robben Ford), Saxophonist Theo Travis

(Robert Fripp, David Gilmour), Drummer Craig Blundell (Frost*, Steven Wilson),
Violinist Samy Bishai (Natacha Atlas, Digitonal) and Vocalist Grog Lisee (Die So Fluid,
Ozzy Osbourne).
Recorded between January and July 2017, Moonparticle’s debut was funded by a
successful PledgeMusic campaign. The recording took place in various locations - each
musician adding their contribution from their own recording studio (London, Paris,
New York and Los Angeles) via online file sharing. Produced and mixed by Niko Tsonev,
the album was mastered by Jon Astley (Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel, Porcupine Tree).
The artwork and graphic design were conceived by digital artist Be Wilde.
The title ‘Hurricane Esmeralda’ was inspired by themes of inner awareness and growth,
and the process of pure creation. The virtuoso level of musicianship displayed by the
aforementioned musicians throughout the 40 minutes of music, complements the
primary focus of the album - inspired songwriting and brave musical performances.

This is Reverend Mum from the album 'Hurricane Esmeralda' released on 20th Jan 2018.

You are listeningto to a Live audio feed (the guitar performance).
The playthrough was filmed at Richmond School of Art, London.

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Craig Blundell - Drums and Additional Drum Programming
Niko Tsonev - Guitars, Bass and everything else