Kelly Simonz: Now Your Ships Are Burned

Towards Burades Day Live This seminar completely reproduces the sound of Yngwie in 1984! We sent it in the form of a seminar. This song only delivers hands for rehearsal but only 80% perfect for perfection degree · I still practice! ! Fender Japan Yngwie Signature Model, DOD 250 (Gray) original, and Marshall 1987 Reissue is not 1960 BX cabinet and everything is vintage, but as you can see, setting up SM 57 in this setting and recording with ZOOM 's MTR was the same as Karaoke I tried to mix it. No, I'm pretty sure it's out, atmosphere is inevitably different from recording on analog tape but I think I was able to get a very atmosphere.

Kelly SIMONZ plays Now Your Ships Are Burned (Yngwie Malmsteen)

~ 10th anniversary ~ Opus # 1 - Kelly SIMONZ