Sangwoo Kim: Fibenare Roadmaster '56 Thinline and Basic

The rising guitarist Sangwoo Kim has just blown our mind.
Enjoy his soulful playing and the sound of the guitar.

Fibenare Roadmaster ’56 Thinline


Alder Body
AAAAA Master Grade Quilted Maple Top
Flame Maple Neck
Tigereye Fingerboard
Fibenare RM56 Pickups Set
Fibenare Roadmaster Bridge

Recorded with the following gears.

Laney Lionheart LH50H Head
Laney Lionheart L412 Cab
Lewitt MTP 540
Blue Microphones Bluebird
Millennia HV-3 Mic Preamp
RME Fireface 802

Fibenare Roadmaster '56 Thinline | Sangwoo Kim | 김상우

Fibenare Basic Jazz Classic Style | Sangwoo Kim | 김상우