Shani Kimelman: debut EP Escape Velocity

Shani Kimelman is a guitarist and musician currently residing in Los Angeles, CA.
Her debut EP Escape Velocity reflects the beginning of her musical formation and combines different musical genres that influenced her throughout the years into a new and colorful experience.

1. Beta Particles 2:47
2. Space Cats 3:54
3. Psylence 2:12
Downloads are available as MP3-320 files. ABOUT THIS ALBUM

Beta Particles -
Guitars: Shani Kimelman
Bass: Christian Crawford
Drums: David Mihaljevic

Space Cats -
Guitars: Shani Kimelman
Bass: Goran Mihaljevic
Drums: David Mihaljevic

Psylence -
Guitars: Shani Kimelman
Bass: Shani Kimelman

Mixed by David Mihaljevic (Beta Particles, Space Cats), and Colin Liebich (Psylence).
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - California - USA