Kit Tang: Unexpected Phantasy - ballad jam

Hypnotic, mesmerising, dynamic, expressive… You’d need more adjectives than Kit Tang has killer notes, in order to convey what this track holds!

From the sweet to the aggressive this track has a really nice sense of progression and is not only inspiring and entertaining, but has a lot to offer for players of all abilities!

If you want to become a master of ‘the ballad’ you need to learn from the best, and that's where the artist's of the 'JTC Guitar Hero Ballads 2' album come into play! This track is now available with note for note transcriptions, video, audio and backing track so that you can peak behind the curtain to study this awesome track in detail!

If you're up for the challenge of learning this fantastic addition to the world of guitar ballads, or you're just keen to delve deeper into the incredible mind of Kit Tang, now is your chance to grab 'Unexpected Phantasy'.

Check out the full video in the 'Overview' tab, then click the ‘Buy’ button (for instant download) or hit +MyLibrary to start learning today and raise your game with JTC!

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