Kelly Simonz: plays Black Star - classic track cooked to perfection

One week after the birthday live is finally over. I am looking forward to today's band rehearsal. As I can not do anything with live performances with the power of one person, I'd like to have a lot of meetings with all the members and try hardening the image. Of course I will introduce you so please look forward to it 👍 Kelly SIMONZ 48th Birthday Concert ~ Let's do my best as far as I can ~

■ July 01, 2018 (Sun) ■ Kawaguchi Shock On (Saitama) ■ Open 18: 00 Start 19 : 00
■ Reservation on the same day ¥ 4,500 Advance reservation 4000 (+ food order) ■ Member Kelly SIMONZ (Gt.Vo) Manavu Sakamoto (B) Yosuke Yamada (Dr ) Koichi Seiyama (Key) Fuhito Nakamura (Gt)

One week after finally! ! Kelly SIMONZ plays Black Star (Yngwie Malmsteen)

Kelly SIMONZ plays Evil Eye (Yngwie Malmsteen)