Masahiro Aoki: God Speed set to release new solo album

I will release a solo album in 4 years on August 8th! The concept is aoki seito sound works! This is what we do, and we don't want to be able to do this, but we can't do this. I've put on my sound-related work.

With Technical Talk, the game changer of the title track has been made to sound very confident with the improvement of the recording environment and its own skills. When you're ready to make PV, please listen to it. Really the guitar tone is rich. No, I'm confident of the song, of course. But I think the sound was quite convincing.

The Game Changer
Masahiro "Godspeed" Aoki
¥1,800 (税別)

01 The Game Changer
02 Blazefrom "GITADORA"
03 busy come, busy go!! -instrumental version-
04 Surge -alternative groove version-from "GITADORA"orchestrated by Shota Nakama
05 Atmospherefrom "Lost in Harmony"
06 Eruptionfrom "Lost in Harmony"
07 Lost in the maze
08 Gate of Fatefrom "CHUNITHM"09 Like the Wind ~ The wheel to the right (インド人をメタルに)"Like the Wind" is from "maimai", "The wheel to the right" is from "CHUNITHM"composed by Sampling Masters MEGA, arranged by Masahiro "Godspeed" Aoki
10 Gate of Doom
11Gate of Fate -extended version-