Madaway, Funtwo: Fibenare Roadmaster FB and Tom Anderson Hollow Classic

Madaway, Funtwo : Fibenare Roadmaster FB and Tom Anderson Hollow Classic

Let’s rock on with the Fibenare Guitars Co. Roadmaster FB.
The track was written by Madaway who played the guitar. Isn’t the song just perfect enough to highlight the tonal quality of the guitar?
The combination of the quality tonewoods and parts always make us, the players, happy.
For those who are seeking the both versatility and characteristics, we highly recommend Fibenare Roadmaster FB.

In the outro, the music Youtuber 'Funtwo' featured with Tom Anderson Guitarworks Hollow Classic.
The consistency of the guitar is amazing. And the chambered body indeed make pleasant tone.
Fibenare Roadmaster FB
Alder Body
AAAAA Master Grade
Flame Maple Top
Flame Maple Neck
Pau Ferro Fretboard
Fibenare Y58s & ALV63 Pickups
Fibenare Floating Bridge
Tom Anderson Guitarworks Hollow Classic
Swamp Ash Body
Swamp Ash Top
Hard Rock Maple Neck
Tom Anderson SD1-SD1R-SD2 Pickups
Tom Anderson Vintage Bridge

Recorded with following gears.

Clear Tune Monitors AAW CTM In-ear Monitors
Fuchs Audio Technology Overdrive Supreme ODS 50
Stone Age Custom Cabinet 2x12
Millennia HV-3 Mic Preamp
RME Fireface 802
RØDE Microphones K-2*
*Mics were supported by 사운드캣 - Soundcat

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Fibenare Roadmaster FB | Madaway | Feat. Funtwo w/ Tom Anderson Hollow Classic