Martin Miller, Tom Quayle: What makes a great guitar touring rig?

Tom Quayle and Martin Miller on their touring gear during the current guitar clinic tour. What kind of compact rig solution did the two Ibanez endorsers choose and what makes their signature guitars so special? Find out in this episode of Gear Check here at Thomann.

Product used:
Ibanez Qayle & MillerSignature Guitars:
Wampler Dual Fusion OD:
DB Meter:

0:00 Introduction

1:02 Ibanez Tom Quayle Signature Guitar
3:29 Ibanez Martin Miller Signature Guitar

Tom Quayle Touring Rig
5:48 Laney L20T 212 Lionheart
6:41 Line 6 HX Effects
6:56 Wampler Dual Fusion Overdrive
7:09 Showcasing Clean, Overdrive & Trem Sound

Martin Millers Touring Rig
8:00 Laney IRT30 112 Ironheart
8:25 Atomic AmpliFire Amp Sim & Multi FX
9:40 Showcasing Clean, Dark Clean, Super Crunch and Lead Sound

11:31 Thank you and Goodbye!
11:50 Jam out! Enjoy!

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What makes a great guitar touring rig? | Martin Miller & Tom Quayle | Gear Check | Thomann