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This Charlie Robbins (Syncatto) Coloratura Mix is made up of the tracks, "Spicy", "Coco" and "Look, I'm Dancing". All available to learn as part of Charlie Robbins' debut JTC Guitar release. Hit the top link to find out more. 'Flamenco Inspired Riffs and Licks' - available now.


Charlie Robbins hits the road running with a trio of tracks from his EP, Coloratura. Rife with djent-filled complexities and chunky metal riffs, fused with the nuance and harmonic ideas of flamenco, these truly jaw-dropping tracks are crammed with variety and new approaches to soloing.

While studying these tracks you’ll be exploring techniques such as string skipping, tremolo picking, legato, rasgueado strumming, alternate picking, bending, fingerpicking, slides and even string slapping! Inspiring you to create gnarlier licks and more complex solos that will help you become a better, more rounded guitarist.

In Charlie’s breakdown video lessons, he runs you through the main parts and offers some helpful insights into learning the pieces at play. He’s also extracted eight licks to practice in isolation, so you can better understand the ideas behind each track. Complete with official tab/notation and backing tracks.

Add new tricks to your soloing repertoire by learning Charlie’s genre-bending tracks, rich with style-transcending ideas and essential soloing techniques.

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Charlie Robbins Coloratura Mix (Spicy, Coco & Look, I'm Dancing)