KT Chang: Elephant Gym - Underwater, Half Cinema Sessions

Bass & Keyboard & Vocal - KT Chang
Electric Guitar & Keyboard - Tell Chang
Drums - Tu Chia-Chin


YuChen Studio is a recording studio converted from an abandoned theater. It still retained the original unique space and sound field features.
CINEMA SESSIONS, a music video live recording show that captures the most authentic and beautiful music here at YuChen Studio.
Great music from Taiwan is now playing!

YuChen invited the super talented Elephant Gym in for another episode of our live sessions.
This was the first session where we did drum settings in two different rooms.
It became clear after a few takes of this song "Half" that the piano was too important a part to use a midi piano. So after we recorded the other song that used guitar we decided to quickly move the drums into our smaller room and isolate them from the piano.
There is no substitute for real, and these 3 are the real deal! Please help to share if you enjoy!

大象體操 Elephant Gym - 水底 Underwater│CINEMA SESSIONS

大象體操 Elephant Gym - 半個 Half│CINEMA SESSIONS