Jun Mitsui, Adam Bentley, Wes Thrailkill, Robbie Johnson: Evacuation new EP

Evacuation by Jun Mitsui https://junmitsui.bandcamp.com/album/evacuation

1.Prelude 03:09
2.Disconnect 05:23
3.We Descend (feat. Scias) 06:02
4.Nothing Left (feat. Wes Thrailkill) 06:32
5.Evacuation 06:03
6.We Ascend (feat. Adam Bentley) 05:06
aboutMy 2nd EP! I am really proud of this one, as it really showcases how far I've gotten in to production and recording by myself. This isn't a sequel to dystopia but has a similar vibe to it.

Jun Mitsui - Nothing Left feat. Wes Thrailkill (Guitar Playthrough)

YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCylqBJjq4R14O36qnOZi-vw

A concept story about the future, when humans ravage the earth and start to no longer be a good place to live in. The idea of evacuation and knowing what they will leave behind.

Hope you enjoy this EP! I really had fun creating this ep and hopefully it shows!
released October 12, 2019

Huge thanks to the following people:

Robbie Johnson of Scias (Solo on "We Descend")
Wes Thrailkill of Thrailkill (Solo on "Nothing Left")
Adam Bentley of Arch Echo and Absently (Solo on "We Ascend")
Niko Setälä of Ztla (Helped arrange the orchestra on "Evacuation")
Nick Acker of Kaguu (Helped with certain sections on "We Ascend")

Album Art by Intuitive designs

Mixed and Mastered by Jun Mitsui
all rights reserved