Lari Basílio: Guitar Playing and Interview | Thomann

Lari Basílio: Guitar Playing and Interview | Thomann

The amazingly talented Lari Basilio came to our studio and showed Guillaume what Melody, Dynamics and Hybrid Picking can add to your playing. Also showcasing her new solo release "Far more" with musicians no less than Joe Satriani, Vinnie Colaiuta, Nathan East, Greg Phillinganes and Siedah Garrett.

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Gear used:
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Interesting bits and pieces:
0:00 Intro Jam
1:19 Introduction
1:40 New album "Far more" and how the band got together
3:42 Current rig
4:41 Lari's thought process during a solo
5:50 Right hand technique: From pick to fingerpicking and back | Talking
7:32 From pick to fingerpicking | Playing
7:58 Experimenting with different tunings
8:24 Lari Basilio - "Far More" | Playing
9:49 Special guests on the album
9:54 Joe Satriani | Glimpse of Light
10:15 Siedah Garrett | Man in the Mirror
10:46 Goodbye
11:24 Lari playing you out

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