Meytal Cohen, Travis Montgomery: MEYTAL - Armalite (Live in LA, 7/20/19)

Hi my luvs! this was taken at the Whisky a go go show a couple months ago. always a privilege to get to hang with you guys in person and at the same time work on my unreasonable stage fright.. I had a blast once the jitters subsided. check it out if you missed it.. and also if you didn’t.. cause you know, why not? If you dig the song and wanna stream it, you can do so here: I make 1/6th of a cent every time you do, so if you give it enough spins I might be able to buy a piece of gum. And split it with the rest of the band. I like gum. So let’s keep our fingers crossed 🤞😜

ps. some new drum covers on patreon.. check it out here: