Francesco Filigoi: This is Abiogenesis ∝

This is the first of many teasers we've recently filmed at Blackmirror Studios, including riffs, grooves and various parts off our debut album. Here's Francesco playing one of the album's main solos with an Ernie Ball Music Man JP12 7 string.

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More previews incoming, featuring 8 string riffage, drum grooves & random insanity. And yes, they will be longer!

Mixing | Aaron Smith (Envisage Audio)
Filming & Editing | Francesco Filigoi

This is Abiogenesis ∝ Part 1

Here's a 7/8 riff thingy I've been toying around lately, I think it's a perfect example of Abiogenesis' riffing style, there's plenty of that on our stuff.

The riff actually measures 16 beats more, but as I started playing the 7th string the webcam mic started farting, so had to chop it off.
It will definitely be used on our material, although it's pretty hard so I'll have to practice it a bit more hehe :)

I'm using my new Music Man JP12 seven string with Dimarzio Crunch Lab & Liquifire set, tone is Axe Fx II as usual.

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Francesco Filigoi - Abiogenesis riffage w/ Ernie Ball Music Man JP12 7 string