Gary Hoey: Ho Ho Hoey 2012

Gary Hoey

Hi Gang, Here are the tour dates for Ho Ho Hoey 2012, some cities are selling fast so get tickets early. We will be playing songs from Deja Blues mixed with Christmas songs, I also wanted to respond to all the fans asking why I'm not playing there town for the Christmas tour. I wish we could play everywhere. We are planning a very extensive US tour behind Deja Blues, I have not been as active tou
ring in the past years as I will be now, My kids are too busy to want to hang with me so it's time to rock the world. When they where little I avoided touring, my daughter just got straight A's first year of high school, my son got A's and B's, so my work is done. Europe and Canada are also in my plans. Please email me any links to venues in your area that you think we should play and I will pass it on to my agent. Thanks GH