James Williams: Eclectic Shred-Guitar Lesson

Guitar lesson with a variation of groups of 5 technique utilizing pentatonic scale...after lesson the opening track from 'James Williams Eclectic Shred' will play

James Williams Eclectic Shred-Guitar Lesson with variation of groups of 5 technique in pentatonic

B17 Flying Fortress-James Williams Eclectic Shred

James Williams has released his new solo CD, Eclectic Shred, featuring guest appearances by Mike LePond and Matt Guillroy

“Quality songs, quality players. Just an honor to work with James Williams and be part of this kick-ass project”, says Mike LePond.

Eclectic Shred tracklisting:

'B17 Flying Fortress'
'Dropa Stones'
'Unborn Massacre'
'Eclectic Shred'
'Cruise Control'
'Maxwells Castle'
'Journey To Androme

James Williams: Eclectic Shred