Mark McGuigan: then and now!

Mark McGuigan: Then - 5 years ago!

Mark McGuigan plays a short tapping piece entitled 'Xenomorph'.


Mark McGuigan - 'Xenomorph'

Mark McGuigan: Now - 5 days ago!

Testing out my new Nikon D3200 Camera with a quick Jam over the 'Seal The Feel' backing track from

Just getting to grips with some nice 'arty' large aperture/shallow depth of field fun and general setting up of shot.

Geeky Stuff:

Recorded using Custom Suhr Modern straight into Cornford Roadhouse mic'd with SM58 blended with a DI with Redwirez Impulses.

Filmed with a Nikon D3200 camera with a Nikon AF-S Nikkor 1.8G 50mm Lens at 1080p 30fps f/1.8 ISO400.

Testing out the new Camera: Nikon D3200