Marco Sfogli, Tom Quayle, Alessandro Benvenuti: The Elba Triangle indiegogo project featuring three stunning rock fusion guitar players and more!

The Elba Triangle - Chapter One

The Elba Triangle is a new special project featuring the three stunning rock fusion guitar players; Marco Sfogli, Tom Quayle and Alessandro Benvenuti. The album features new takes on classic fusion tunes, sprinkling awesome guitar sauce and scintillating keyboards in contemporary way over these time-honored tracks.

The album also features world renowned musicians:
  • Guitars - Marco Sfogli, Tom Quayle and Alessandro Benvenuti. 
  • Drummers - Virgil Donati and Walle Wahlgren. 
  • Bass - Anton Davidyants and Junior Braguinha. 
  • Keyboards: Alex Argento. 

Alex Argento is also the music director, adding his musical virtuosity to the sonic tapestries with his of masterful sound production. Alex is also responsible for the mixing and the mastering of this first "The Elba Triangle - Chapter One" set for release in 2016.

What We Need & What You Get
We need roughly 4000$ to finish the last recordings, the mixing, the mastering, the artwork and press & ship the CD's worldwide.
In return for your support we will offer perks like the CD, the signed CD, the CD + backing tracks for guitars (any interest in other instruments let us know) and lessons with artists involved.
When we don't reach our goal we will still finish this album project although it might take a little longer to release it to the public.
There will be no digital download of this album in 2016, only a physical CD will be available.
When you support our campaign you will receive the final product at your home long before it will be made available through other distribution channels.

The Impact Of Your Support

Helping us to finish this album recording project will enable us to release:
Old rock fusion classics re-arranged and sounding very contemporary.
Showcase extremely talented musicians with proven track records.
Motivate us to work on a (series of) follow-up project(s) with equally talented artists in the near future
Professional backing tracks for guitar players to use for practice and performance (during clinics).

Other Ways You Can Help Us
Get the word out and make some noise about our project and campaign.
Use the Indiegogo sharing tools to do this!

Share all our updates, teasers, pages on your social media.
Order multiple perks!

Extra Perks?

Possibly we will add some more perks during the campaign.
Let us know what perks you are missing and we will see if we can add them.
Support the campaign