Marina Krupkina: Vivaldi - Concerto Grosso in d minor on 9, 10 string guitars

This day came! My Vivaldi - project is conveniently located in this post and is looking forward to the attention of the public! To participate in the performance of this music, I started 2 years ago in the guitar orchestra of our academy. Then I played a bass part. The following year I took the place of the first soloist who graduated from the academy. To prove to the conductor that the accompanist of me will be no worse than a bass player, for 1 night I recorded in the kitchen something like a demo, where I sang all the guitars of Concerto Grosso Vivaldi. That night, I was so imbued with this music, every game, every solo, that I decided to write it down after all. And about a year ago I took up this difficult business. Why is it so difficult? Well, firstly, it's not so easy to find 8 people like me, and make them learn their games. Make them play smoothly and synchronously, because I own audio editing very mediocre and can not fix it, it was not easy either. Moreover, the music itself ... All 9 participants of the project had to realize the polyphony of the first part and fall in love with it sufficiently, so that the listeners perceived and fell in love with this ingenious polyphony. Stunning in its beauty, tragedy and depth, Part 2 set serious musical tasks for the three soloists. Although the accompaniment there is important. Therefore, Part 2 was completely rewritten 3 times. So that the leader, that is, I liked it. And the third part in general is a tough nut, especially for the first and third soloists, who worked there not in a childlike way, especially as I decided not to skimp on the pace. This music is brilliant. It is so brilliant, that even in 5327 times today, together with you, I will listen to it with pleasure. Even if you put it on an alarm clock on Monday at 6 am, it still seems to you as beautiful as when you first listen! I guarantee, do not believe it - try it) Your support is very important, because we all tried very hard. I have nothing to award performers, except that your likes and reposts. ;) The author of the transcription is Nikita Koshkin. ( ) Performing and recording music - Marina Krupkina. ( ) Video - Ruslan Fedorov. ( )

Vivaldi - Concerto Grosso in d minor on 9 guitars