Brad Bradbury: Blues/Rock Backing Track In E Minor, Gary Moore 80`s Style

This backing track is in two parts a D5-E5, G5-A5 repeated riff
followed by Cma7, Bm7, Am7, B7#5.

D5-E5, G5-A5, D5-E5, G5-A5
D5-E5, G5-A5, D5-A5, G5-A5
Cma7, Bm7, Am7, B7#5,

The chords all fit E minor so E minor pentatonic, E blues scales work well over the first riff section, for the Cma7, Bm7, Am7, chords you can try E natural minor for a more melodic sound. Notice that Bm7 and B7#5 both appear in the second section, Bm7 is the "correct"chord but this chord it often substituted by a dominant chord to create a greater pull back to the E minor root chord, over the B7#5 I would return to the blues scale, but as always experiment with what sounds good to you.