Michael Schenker: Fest live full show @ House of Blues Las Vegas 2018

1. Into the Arena (Michael Schenker Group song) 00:36Gary Barden
2. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Michael Schenker Group song) 5:043. Cry for the Nations (Michael Schenker Group song) 11:334. Attack of the Mad Axeman (Michael Schenker Group song) 17:265. Messin' Around (Michael Schenker Fest song) 22:126. Armed and Ready (Michael Schenker Group song) 26:367. Coast to Coast (Scorpions song) 31:33Graham Bonnet
8. Desert Song (Michael Schenker Group song) 36:209. Dancer (Michael Schenker Group song) 42:3810. Night Moods (Michael Schenker Fest song) 47:3311. Searching for a Reason (Michael Schenker Group song) 52:0512. Assault Attack (Michael Schenker Group song) 56:1613. Captain Nemo (Michael Schenker Group song) 1:00:41Robin McAuley
14. Bad Boys (McAuley-Schenker Group song) 1:04:1215. Save Yourself (McAuley-Schenker Group song) 1:08:2816. Anytime (McAuley-Schenker Group song) 1:15:0617. Heart and Soul (Michael Schenker Fest song) 1:20:0918. Love Is Not a Game (McAuley-Schenker Group song) 1:24:1819. Searching for Freedom (Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock cover) 1:29:00Doogie White
20. Live and Let Live 1:31:1521. Vigilante Man 1:35:2222. Lord of the Lost and Lonely 1:40:2423. Take Me to the Church (Michael Schenker Fest song) 1:45:0824. Before The Devil Knows You're Dead 1:50:0025. Warrior (Michael Schenker Fest song) 1:54:2826. Rock Bottom (UFO song) 2:00:2327. Doctor Doctor (UFO song) 2:19:1228. Shoot Shoot (UFO song) 2:24:1629. Natural Thing (UFO song) 2:27:5730. Lights Out (UFO song) 2:31:38