Courtney Cox: Unveils the stunning Caparison signature guitar #horus-m3CC

Courtney Cox

AAahhhhhhh! Every artist searches for that instrument that brings out the best in them. I have played numerous guitars over my career so far and something just wasn’t right... until now. I have found my guitar after working with the master luthier at @caparisonguitars . I present the signature Horus-M3 CC. **********************************

Body Material: Mahogany, Maple, Mahogany
Bridge: Schaller S-FRT II with Floyd Rose Fat Brass Block,
Titanium String Blocks & Stainless Steel Saddle Screws
Neck: Bolt-on, 5-Piece Maple & Walnut
Fingerboard Material: Maple with Ivory Binding
Position Inlay: Clock
Scale Length: 628mm (24 3/4")
Frets: 27 Jumbo, Nickel Silver
Neck Radius: 350mmR to 400mmR
Nut Width: 42mm
Nut: Schaller R2 Locking
Machine Heads: Gotoh SG381-07 H.A.P.
Neck Pickup: Caparison SH-27F
Bridge Pickup: Caparison PH-bc
Controls: CTS Master Volume, Switchcraft 3-Way Toggle
Head Top Finish: Matching Body
Neck Finish: Oiled Finish
Body Finish: Pink Sapphire (Sponge Finish)
Hardware: Gotoh Cosmo Black, Schaller Black Chrome
Strings: DR Veritas .009 - .042
Tuning: Standard, EBGDAE
Case/Gig Bag: Caparison/Reunion Blues Voyager Case

The best part about this model is that every model comes off the same handcrafted line in JAPAN that my personal ones do. No company smoke and mirrors with guitars being made in other factories in other countries. So you are getting the exact guitar I use... down to the custom 5 piece neck,extra deep heel cut, to the extra special bridge parts,even to the strings I play live. Pre orders have started at a caparison dealer near you!

: Dream weaver plays in the background... : @caparisonguitars for pre orders go to Caparison #horus-m3CC