Atma Anur, Ed DeGenaro, Richard Hallebeek, Alex Masi: The Long-Suffering Soul (original composition)

Here is my most recent original composition "The Long-Suffering Soul" (May 2018), an un-mastered mix. This piece features guests that are good friends and great musicians, both new and old. I am joined by my dear friend of over 30 years, the American violin virtuoso Steve Kindler and my dear friend of over 20 years, German guitarist/composer Ed DeGenaro. Also joining us are my new friends Dutch guitar giant Richard Hallebeek, Italian guitar master Alex Masi and Polish Jazz sax player PaweŇā Piec. I'd like to thank my friend Sean O'Bryan Smith, and the master musician Billy Cobham, for inspiring me to write this piece... Enjoy.

The Long-Suffering Soul (original composition)