Marco Iacobini: Guitar Clinic @ Fonderia delle arti 12 May 2018

This is a little footage composed by some excerpt from my guitar clinic in Rome at Fonderia delle arti.
I had the chance to explain some different guitar techniques, talking about the development of phrasing and I had a lot of fun playing some my favorite tracks.
I would like to thank all friends and students that have attended at my clinic: Mario, Aldo and Andrea for their constant support, Marco, Alessandro, Valerio and Stefano for getting better and better on guitar and last but not least, Dario for his precious help.
A very special thank to Vincenzo and his beautiful wife for honoring me with their presence, as always.
Thanks to Kiesel, Carvin guitars, Truetone, D'addario strings, Bode Music gear, George L's guitar cables, Arrel Audio.

Marco Iacobini Guitar Clinic @ Fonderia delle arti 12 May 2018