Jett Black, Monroe Black: Salems Lott new album solo playthroughs - Back To The Future

Guitar Solo playthrough of Salems Lott song "Thin Ice" from the record "Mask Of Morality". Solo by Jett Black.

Out Now.

1.Enigma 04:01
2.When Heaven Comes Down 04:21
3.You Can't Hide from the Beast Inside 04:33
4.Higher Anguish 01:00
5.Royal Desperado 03:42
6.Fatal Attraction 03:45
7.Shattered to Pieces 06:33
8.Thin Ice 03:35
9.Mother Of Chains 04:30
10.Alexandria's Genesis 07:28

“The full record combines Part 1 (three tracks) with the remaining seven tracks to make a total of ten tracks. In addition, the first three 'instant gratification tracks' are a careful selection intended to introduce the listener into the world, sound and philosophy of Mask Of Morality. Just like any piece of art that has any worth, Mask Of Morality challenges the trendy mindset of our current society. It's a record that challenges the dogmatic righteousness of modern morality which attempts to force you into thinking, speaking and acting in a particular 'good' way and enforces these ideals through mob mentality retribution. It's also a harsh dose of reality that tells you that you are responsible for your destiny and to take responsibility and action into fixing your life rather than wallowing in a self-pity victim mentality and blaming outside sources."
released April 6, 2018


Salems Lott - Thin Ice (Guitar Solo) Playthrough

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Salems Lott - "When Heaven Comes Down" Guitar Playthrough

Salems Lott - In Studio - Recording 'Mask Of Morality'