Sarah Longfield: Backstage PRO Interview @ TGU18

Sarah Longfield's YouTube channel will soon have 180,000 subs. You can find it at:

About Thomann Gearhead University 2018 # TGU18 : Testing instruments and equipment, producing videos, talking shop - that's what the gigantic YouTube event was all about " Thomann's Gearhead University Class of 2018 ". Numerous top YouTube creators, artists and brands have come to the tranquil 130-soul village of Treppendorf - and we in the midst of it. We talked to Thomännern and - women, Tom von Laney, Glenn Fricker, EytschPi42, Mary Spender and Sarah Longfield about what brought them to Gearhead University and what role YouTube plays for them

Sarah Longfield (Backstage PRO Interview @ TGU18)