Andy Wood: Chicken Pickin fundamentals and Brent Mason Tele Basics

Hello music Lovers! Welcome to episode 5 of The Woodshed! due to the tons of feedback and requests, this episode is gonna start you on the path of country Telecaster, chicken pickin, Brent Mason inspired playing. We are gonna jump in and tackle the fundamentals of right hand picking, hybrid playing, finger pluckin, and string popping. We are gonna look at the basic harmonic outline and see what note alterations in the major scale will give you that delicious southern fried redneck sound. From there we get into some basic bends and lastly we get some double stop fundamentals. This is NOT a "here is lick A, B, C" this lesson is meant to give you a good foundation of tele chicken basics. Then we are gonna talk about how to take your own playing and licks you already use, and how to twist them to give them a southern sound. So put down that dual humbucker shredder guitar and go grab ole Pep Pep's telecaster, its time to take walk on the wirey side!! Thanks for all the comments, love and support. Let me know below what you'd like to see in future episodes. Hope you guys enjoy this! Be sure to jump over to for more lessons, gear, dates, and merch. Cheers!

Andy Wood guitar series The Woodshed ep 5. Chicken Pickin fundamentals and Brent Mason Tele Basics