Brad Bradbury: Joe Satriani Mixolydian Backing Track In A.

The Mixolydian mode, major on one side, bluesy on the other. The combination of 3rd and b7 intervals are a joy to the fingers. The interval between 3rd and b7 is a b5th, this tense interval gives the Mixolydian mode its characteristic sound. This sound can be jazzy, fusionistic(?), country, folky, Celtic, Indian, etc, depending on how you interpret it on guitar.


Whilst you are jamming to the backing track try the Mixolydian pentatonic which is coloured blue in the scale diagram, very Jeff Beck.

So grab your shades your fancy chrome guitar and improvise into the future, well sort of.

Mixolydian mode
Root, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, b7,

Arpeggios in A Mixolydian

A7, Bm7, C#m7b5, Dmaj, Em7, F#m7, Gmaj7,

Joe Satriani Mixolydian Backing Track In A.

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