Leda : Cygnus Lake and Mirage of Gemini

[Young Guitar March 2020 issue: The time for each music example is below] Leda, who started as a solo artist, announced two EPs in December 2019 as a starting point. Despite being completely different in character, the band-style “MIRAGE OF GEMINI” and the instrumental-style “Cygnus Lake”, what is unfolding is the unmistakably new “Leda Music”. The March 2020 issue features a special feature that introduces the phrases of these two works. On the web-linked page, along with this video, three music scores (Ex-12 to Ex-14) that did not fit in the magazine are also posted, so take a challenge!

0:00 Opening
0:32 "Ex-1 from" Albireo "Octave riff skillfully entangled with obligato"
1:04 "Ex-2 from" EYEWALL " Riff "
1:33 " Ex-3 from "Stella Cygnus" Strange construction that creates a sense of chord with a small number of notes "
1:58 " Ex-4 from "MERCY FOR YOU" skillfully using [open = E] Skipping riff "
2:34 " Ex-5 from "MEANING OF THE DARKNESS" Complex sound unique to special tuning "
2:57 "
"Ex-7 from" Albireo "tricky rhythm is impressive legato solo"
4:06 "Ex-8 From" Stella Cygnus "modulation is strike a elegance theme melody"
4:32 "Ex-9 From" lake ruins ”Arpeggio that makes use of [thumb pick + finger] picking”
4:54 “Ex-10 from“ GEMINI INSIDE ”Super fast tapping on the first string using a pick”
5:25 “Ex-11 from“ EYEWALL ”Various dramatic solo "full use of tapping technique
6:04 " Ex-12 From "MERCY fOR yOU" (web music) coming and going of the strings move [6 consecutive marks → 16 marks] is the choke point tapping "
7:07 " Ex- 13 from "MEANING OF THE DARKNESS" (web score) Two- handed tapping unique to 8-string special tuning (1)
7:56 "Ex-14 from" Lake ruins "(web score) Two-handed tapping unique to 8-string special tuning (2) ) "
8:35 Ending issue: Young Guitar March 2020
https://youngguitar.jp/yg/ yg-202003

Leda "MIRAGE OF GEMINI" "Cygnus Lake" latest playing method Young Guitar March issue