Anup Sastry, Maru Martinez: Doom Eternal - The Only Thing They Fear Is You

Watch in 4K!!! This is a cover of 'The Only Thing They Fear Is You', by Mick Gordon. It's off of the new Doom Eternal soundtrack.

The new Doom Eternal soundtrack is absolutely amazing. This is something my wife ( @Maru Martinez ) and I have wanted to do for a while now, and we finally had the time to put everything together. It's also our first cover video together, and I hope we can absolutely do more of this in the future. We both are always very busy chasing our own musical endeavors. So it was nice being able to make this video together.

As you can hear, the sound is a bit more 'produced' compared to my average drum video I normally upload. I wanted to mix the audio as if it were for a release. So I did edit some of the playing, and I also blended drum samples. The guitars have also been quad tracked to get a bit more weight. Either way, I hope you enjoy the production. My wife did an amazing job recording the guitars and filming/editing all of the video.

You can find more of Maru's videos on her Youtube channel and her Instagram page (info below). She has music released, and she's currently working on more. She's using a Guerilla Guitar 8 string in this video. This is the same 8 string I've used for a bunch of my own material. Her tone is a combination of tones from an Axe FX II.

Instagram: @marumartinezfaust

It's a crazy time right now with everything happening in the world. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Doom Eternal Cover - The Only Thing They Fear Is You (Mick Gordon)