Andy Wood: Disease free 80s shred!!

Hello music lovers!! Hoping you guys are getting by and i'm wishing you mucho loves during this covid-19/corona virus lockdown! Originally i was gonna do a different topic this week, but i thought "ya know what? Let's just have some fun!" My good buddy Ashley Lixxx from the hair metal party band "Skankbanger" loaned me his insane neon pink venom drip guitar for this episode as it has crazy hot pickups and a floating floyd rose tremolo! With the intro this week I opted to blend in a bit of the room mic with the direct audio for a bit of authenticity due to slippery notes and sneaky taps. Went for the most outrageous gained out, pitch shifting, verb a holic tone I could muster! Let's talk about some of my favorite 80's isms- The pitch raising hair raising squeals of EVH and Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen's harmonic minor sequences, Dan Huff's patented reverse slides, Howe esque hammer ons from nowhere and how to tap huge multi finger arpeggios!! Buckle up kids, put down that 335, you're gonna need flamethrower super strat because we are gonna put the virus quarantine-negative energy aside and SHRED!!! Stay disease free y'all!! (PS I’m tuned down a half step!) More at

Andy Wood guitar series The Woodshed ep6.Disease free 80s shred!! Vai, Yngwie, Squeals, Bombs, Taps!