Sam Bell: Hang Drum Jam with Enahm Hof

Enahm Hof has been sharing some awesome Hang Drum Jams on his Instagram. I just had to jam along!

Please go check out Enahm out for more Hang Drum action and of course his father Wim Hof. The Wim Hof Method has changed my life. I highly recommend checking it out, especially in the current climate with Covid 19. Not only is it good for influencing the Immune System, but for your Mental Health it does wonders.

I stumbled across Enham through some of Wims recent Instagram story videos of them jamming together. I thought I recognised the mesmerising sounds of the hang Drums from with Wim Hof guided breathing on the app. Enahm has helped bring Wim's message to the world with the free app.

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