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Randy Ellefson - New Song 'The Key' Available As A Free Download. Guitarist Randy Ellefson has recently released the new song 'The Key' from his second instrumental guitar album "Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid".

Since the release of his debut album, The Firebard, Ellefson has earned endorsements with Alvarez Guitars, Peavey, and Morley Pedals, and been heard on XM Radio Unsigned 52 and stations in Canada, Australia, and the US.

Better Things To Do

Riff Lesson of "Legends"

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A new CD from Randy Ellefson. Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid available from guitar9.

Randy Ellefson live for his myspace web site: http://www.myspace.com/randyellefson

New live videos from Randy Ellefson.

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Randy Ellefson started the guitar at the age of thirteen. He was interested in both acoustic and 1980's rock music. Like Brian May his dedication to guitar lead him to build two electric guitars and hasn't played any other guitar since.

His other passion is fantasy novel writing. However, in 1991, he became serious about studying music and attended music college. Practicing as much as 10 hours a day, he succeeded, earning a Bachelors of Music in classical guitar, Magna Cum Laude, 1995.

When the degree was over, he resumed fiction and recording instrumentals guitar tracks. Then in 1996 he got a severe case of tendonitis in both arms. To find out more read his own story about tendonitis. Unable to play guitar or type, he began to write fiction with a dictation program! Despite years of physio therapy, he can only play guitar 3-4 hours every other day!

Check out his web site for a more complete biography. Also listen to his instrumental album, The Firebird, available on guitar9, completed even with his tendonitis problems.