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I got a copy of this CD direct from Conrad Harpham. If you like fast guitar licks, well executed then Conrad is your man. This excerpt is from a recent AllOutGuitar review:
After listening to Conrad - and some of the other British entrants - it's obvious there is a huge amount of talent in the UK that until now has been below the radar. Thanks to competitions like Guitar Idol, these so far undiscoved virtusuo guitarists can now have a platform to showcase their monster abilities to a massive worldwide audience.

Conrad is a prime example of a player who should be in the limelight - and his diversity of styles and sheer shred-tastic abilities should make him a first call guy to demonstrate at music shows. He also should endeavour to get an agent and try to dip his toes into the murly world of session guitaring: so producers/record companies/agents you have been warned! Now Conrad - lets see you perform live!
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