Ivan Mihaljevic: guitar idol online final another free promo!

Another guitar idol free promo... some great music from Ivan Mihaljevic, check out his CD on CD baby, this is the promo for it:
Sandcastle is the first studio album from a young, recently discovered, incredible Croatian guitar player Ivan Mihaljevic. This CD is a journey through various styles and moods. It features 14 songs written by Ivan himself, 8 of which are completely instrumental and the other 6 also include enchanting vocal melodies.

The album lineup is:
Ivan Mihaljevic – guitars, vocals, keyboards, percussion
Majkl Jagunic – bass guitar
Craig Devine – drums
And there are a few amazing guest musicians on the CD too: John Denner, Igor Tatarevic and Taher Sanuri.

Ivan Mihaljevic was born on 16th August 1986 in Zagreb, Croatia. When he was 14 years old he started taking guitar lessons in Rock Academy in Zagreb. During the next few years he played in a few bands until he formed the band named Forsaken. He played a lot of live shows with Forsaken in Croatia and recorded 2 demo albums. When he finished Rock Academy he continued to take guitar lessons (as well as theory, singing and piano lessons) in music highschool for jazz and popular music.

In the summer of 2005 he performed at the biggest European heavy metal festival Wacken Open Air in Germany with a famous Croatian hard rock band Hard Time and got excellent reviews. During the next year and a half he played in a few bands, but nothing worked out, and he was playing gigs every now and then with Hard Time filling in for their guitarist whenever he couldn't play a gig.

In November 2006 he became a full time member of Hard Time, played a lot of gigs with the band (including a concert being recorded for a live DVD, a concert with one of modern guitar giants Paul Gilbert and a festival with rock legends The Cult and Scorpions) and recorded 2 music videos (for the songs "Deja Vu" and "Zombie")! In November 2007 he went on my first European tour with Hard Time, followed by English tour in 2008. During the Croatian tour in 2008 he also recorded a live album with Hard Time which should be out soon.

At the moment, Ivan is playing with Hard Time and preparing the songs for the upcoming Hard Time’s studio album and he’s also practicing with his own band with which he’ll be playing live his own material off of Sandcastle soon.


1 Sandcastle
2 Cascading Mirrors
3 Distant World
4 Bulldozer
5 Questions in My Mind (Part I)
6 Hi-tech Orient
7 Questions in My Mind (Part Ii)
8 Spring
9 Empathy
10 Macedonian War Song
11 Friend
12 Shimmering Karma
13 The Road to Nowhere
14 Raindrops

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The Pirate Song