Faraz Anwar: abstract point of view

The second spot taken for the free guitar idol promo is for Faraz Anwar. Faraz is currently in third place and you can vote for him on guitaridol.tv
Abstract Point of View was released on Gnarly Geezer Records in 2001 owned by the legendary guitar player Allan Holdsworth. According to Faraz, "It's nothing but me. This album is a part of me. Sometimes it's aggressive and at times it's romantic". And the thing that gave him utmost satisfaction was the fact that Allan Holdsworth appreciated him. He is a self-proclaimed disciple of Allan. Getting the appreciation of someone, whom you consider as your inspirational teacher is something. This album got him a place among Gnarly Geezer Artists. These are all Jazz-Fusion artists. Jazz is considered to be the most difficult genre of music. This is a solo album in the real sense of the word. He wrote all the music and sequenced all the tracks himself. It was recorded in DFS in just four months. He hasn't played this album live yet. When asked why, his answer was "There are no artists who can play live, the sequenced bass and drums on the album."

Track listing

1. "Through the Passage of Time" – 12:44
2. "Maze" – 4:53
3. "Prophet" – 6:56
4. "Don't Let Your Spirit Die" – 5:30
5. "Last Summer" – 4:46
6. "Why?" – 10:28