Claudio Passamani: guitar idol free prom slot

Claudio Passamani is another finalist from Brazil and he's produced a very meolodic track for the final.

Claudio Passamani says:
The game of LIfe is a song to my next album that i decide to advance to the Guitar Idol due the importance of the competition. i simply love this tune. full of good effecct such as whammy and flanger and a very shredding solo at the end. influences on this tune – John Petruccci, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani Paul Gilbert, Y J Malmsteen
You can follow a thread on guitar idol forum to find out more about Claudio.

Guitar idol final vote:

The Game Of Life

His third CD is called Belos HInos Cristãos (Beautiful Christian Hymns) and it's a compilation from classic hymns from protestant churches in a Shred Guitar Format. The Cds can be purchased by email in or in the Guitar Stores from my state(ES) in Brazil.