Dana Rasch: Jazz/Fusion guitarist's three albums are now available online.

Those who have the GOTE (Guitar On The Edge Series) will recall Dana Rasch being featured. You can now get his albums online via CD Baby and other online music web sites

Dana Rasch is a world renown Jazz/Fusion guitarist who's song writing ability and guitar work will leave your mouth hanging open in amazement from his musical genius.

Rely on Love by Dana Robert Rasch

Rely On Love is Dana Robert Rasch's latest journey into a world of smooth jazz transforms his soulful jazz guitar playing into the 10 new tracks that takes the listener into the mood for romance and love.

Rasch Judgement by Dana Robert Rasch

An eclectic compilation of songs with some of the best players in the country.
Dana's unique writing and guitar playing explodes on this CD. His tune "Snowboa" written in 5/4, takes you on a real journey,
while "Which time Which Place" you get to experience his incredible, technical virtuosity .
There seems to be a real fearlessness in this music that takes you in any direction at any time. Just sit back and let the beautiful and exciting pictures he paints, be welcomed in.
Genre: Jazz: Smooth Jazz

Odd Time Odd Place by Dana Robert Rasch

Odd Time Odd Place is a CD that flows between moods like fresh water and sweeter than honey. Each song is nothing short of a shock way of sounds that will leave the listener understanding that they have just entered a new ear of Jazz/Fusion creativity.

Born Dana Robert Rasch, he began his life as a musician in grade school first studying classical piano and cello. At age 9 he began to learn how to play the guitar. Like most young boys at the time, he played in several rock n' roll band, but soon found that Progressive Rock was more to his liking an his musical abilities. Prog/rock soon led him to Fusion and contemporary Jazz where he found his true calling.

Dana has spent almost his entire adult life touring the world playing the music he loves, Jazz/Fusion. In between touring he has done much studio work in a variety of musical styles ranging from pop rock to hard core jazz, including working on the soundtracks for several motion pictures.

Dana has also written an advanced guitar technique and theory course called Beyond Chops. The course is now taught at The Grove School of Music/Grove School Without Walls and is a collage credit course.

With the release of Odd Time Odd Place Dana is now getting ready to support his new CD by once again touring the world.