Andy Saphir: 20 Classic Country Licks!

Learn To Play Classic Country Solos With These 20 Licks!
Drawing inspiration from the most prolific players in country guitar, Andy Saphir created 20 fantastic licks designed to add that classic country sound to your playing.

This package is the perfect opportunity for you to learn and master the quintessential techniques and concepts used as the staple of all the best country guitar solos. You'll be using open string based licks, double stops, banjo-roll and pedal steel style licks, as well as licks containing plenty of those classic country sounds heard by combining chicken picking with bending! These 20 ideas will help you to develop a fluid, yet accurate grasp of country guitar and ideas required to pull off those classic country solos!

If you've ever wondered just how the country greats can play with such finesse and style, the techniques and ideas laid out by Andy in these 20 licks are the answer! Practise these, master Andy's theory/technique alongside the TAB/notation and then tackle the 2 full country jam tracks and you'll be well on your way to sounding just like your country heroes!