News: Kiesel Guitars Solo Contest - ‪#‎kieselsolocontest‬

Kiesel Guitars Solo Contest

1. Download the Official Backing Track here:
2. Record a video submission of your solo and upload it to youtube with the tag ‪#‎kieselsolocontest‬ and then post the link to this group. (Or Upload it to this group with the same tag.)
3. There is only to be one entry per person
4. DO NOT Tag Myself, Chris Hong, Jeff Kiesel, Manny Huerta, or any other Kiesel Employees, the panel of judges will see your submission, I promise.
5. Submissions are to be entered in Before September 30th
6. This Group will vote on the top 5 Entries, and then the panel of judges will pick the winner
7.1st Place will receive an Aries model guitar, with a spec sheet of up to 1500 USD
8.Have Fun!