Richard Hallebeek: with Frans Vollink, Niels Voskuil - (About) Forever And A Half

A new song from my upcoming trio album called ‘(About) Forever And A Half’ that should be out end 2016. I wrote part of this song back in 1994 while I was studying at Musician’s Institute in LA. For the chorus, the inspiration for the six different guitarparts came from Lyle Mays, who once said that for his string parts, he would record every note separately to give each chord that unique vibrato. Special mention here goes to Niels Voskuil for his god-like drumming! ;-)

All guitars on this cd are 100% Axe Fx and this cd is mixed with FAS reverb. Also used on this track is the Jam Origin midi guitar software.

You can download maybe FX II lead and clean sounds used for this song here:

Frans Vollink - bass
Niels Voskuil - drums
Rich - everything else

Richard Hallebeek/Frans Vollink/Niels Voskuil - (About) Forever And A Half