Marco Puglisi: SYNDRONE - monster new album Chaos Mechanics featuring Paul Wardingham and Keegan Donovan!

SYNDRONE is an independant artist,  a guitar focused one-man-band and the Alter Ego of Marco Puglisi, a guitar player, composer and music producer based in Basel, Switzerland.

SYNDRONE concentrates on modern, highly technical yet very melodic and fluid metal guitar playing which will undoubtfully catch your ears! The unique way SYNDRONE approaches music and the guitar makes him stand out from the masses and makes him the perfect choice for your new favourite guitar player! :]

1Cryogenic State Interruption06:20
2Heartbeta 2.005:59
3Cyborg Nephilim (feat. Paul Wardingham)05:40
4Dissonant Pulse04:57
5Neuronic Breakdown04:06
7Epsilon Eclipse (feat. Keegan Donovan)05:22
9Enigma Machine05:00
10Future Time Warp06:08

SYNDRONE will release his first instrumental album "CHAOS MECHANICS" on 03/03/2018.  It was entirely self-produced at SyndroneStudio and will be available worldwide! Convince yourself what SYNDRONE is capable of and listen to a preview  of the new album "CHAOS MECHANICS"


Dear people of social media,
I'm late but today is a cool day! My album CHAOS MECHANICS is officially being released today and I am super duper happy that I'm still alive! hahaha It was quite a long, cool and satisfying trip but also a very hard and very frustrating journey and there were times I was close to just abandon the whole thing. ...pretty glad I did not! :)

I am very, very thankful for all the support that I received throughout this time and I would also like to thank every single person who pre-ordered/ordered the album or helped me towards the release of it. You are the people I made this album for and YOU ABSOLUTELY ROCK!THANK YOU! :)

Last but not least I'd like to give a huge thank you to Paul Wardingham and Keegan Donovan! Not only for your awesome guest solos but also for your overall support, motivation and huge inspiration!! You guys are amazing and I know this album wouldn't be here without you! THANK YOU! :)

I truly hope you enjoy my album and if you really like it, feel free to spread the word! :)

Talk soon and cheers!!

00:08 Cryogenic State Interruption
01:01 Heartbeta 2.0 
01:53 Cyborg Nephilm (feat. Paul Wardingham) 
02:46 Dissonant Pulse 
03:38 Neuronic Breakdown 
04:30 Plasmocyte 
05:22 Epsilon Eclipse (feat. Keegan Donovan) 
06:15 Psymorphobia 
07:08 Enigma Machine 
08:00 Future Time Warp
SYNDRONE - Chaos Mechanics Album Teaser 2018 (Official Release 03/03/2018)