Daniel Puziski: Seth

When will this end, Dreams, reality or illusion? Life passes through my eyes And I feel I can not be there When can I fly? Possibilities, desires, taste, frenzy. I need to feel, I need to leave. Acting is what I think every day, I want to, I really need to get out of here Bad thoughts, I do not want to please leave me, help me !!! I need to get up, something shakes me and shouts at me, "Get out of there girl!" Too dangerous for you "Follow comes, give me your hand! I'm flying, I'll get Seth's character! Produced by: Dead Marshall Recordings Directed By: Johny Brando Assistant By: Anna Alves Actress By: Inaiara Damin Arrangement By: Daniel Puziski, Dave deville

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Daniel Puziski - Seth